Many readers like novels that have a compelling opening chapter. This chapter draws and leads them throughout the novel to the end. If readers are not “hooked” by the first chapter, they close the book. This means the author has failed to do his job.

If you want your book to be a bestseller or widely read, you must write a compelling opening chapter. The chapter ensures readers do not put away the book after reading the first page. Although it may not guarantee that readers will not close the book anytime they’re reading, it’s a foundation for your book.

There are various reasons why your book should have an interesting opening chapter. First, a compelling chapter convinces the editors that you can write, helping them to decide whether they will publish your book or not. Second, when the book is published, it makes the reader say, “This book is interesting.” If other chapters are interesting, the readers will finish reading your book. And praise it.

To write a compelling opening chapter, first, write the compelling opening line. Only then the readers will take further look in the first chapter.



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