Readers like to be moved and touched by stories. They like to imagine themselves in situations and worlds that challenge them or give them to be or do something other than what they normally are or do in their lives. Good writes make their readers feel joy, fear, excited and know grief. But how do they do that? How do writers stir emotions of their readers?

Show rather than tell

Don’t report that a character is grieving or giddy or afraid. Instead, use the character’s actions to show grief or giddiness or fear. Character actions and responses are good places to focus. People don’t get emotional over reports.

Make Your character sympathetic

If your readers can identify with your characters—with their habits or dreams or choices they can also identify with their emotions joy or sorrow or pains. Make sure the readers know, understand and identifies with the character before attempting to connect emotionally.

Write emotion-evoking scenes

If you want to reach the emotions of the reader, you should never hold back. Injuring or killing a character loved one; pet or child will definitely touch the reader.

Word choice can affect reader’s emotions

Some words convey passion, humour or lightness. Other words have no or little emotional shading. Therefore, choose your words well.



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