Rhyme can add music to a poem, giving it a memorable quality. While not every poem need to rhyme, many poems that rhyme appears spectacular. If you want to write a rhyming poem, you can learn the rhyme basics, as well as tips for writing outstanding poems.

List all the words that rhyme

For two words to rhyme, their endings and sounds should match. For instance, the word dog perfectly rhymes with hog, grog, frog, agog, nog, log, cog, bog and many others.

Understand other types of Rhymes

Attempting to make every rhyme perfect can make some poems to be clunky and awkward. You shouldn’t have rhymes just because you want to complete the poem. Other kinds of rhymes include semi-rhymes, slant rhymes, forced rhymes and visual rhymes.

Consider the number of beats in each line

Writing a rhyming poem is not just including words that rhyme. Almost all rhyming poems consider the meter of the lines, which is the number of stressed and unstressed syllables in each line.

Read numerous rhyming poetry

Read a lot of rhyming poems. If you read widely, you will learn a lot of tips from the poets. Then, you can start composing your own poems.





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