Starting My Own Club at School

For this new first semester of my senior year, I’m finally opening my first new writing club in GVCS. My club is going to be named CIVA, which is an abbreviation of Creative Ideas Verging on Apex. My club mates and I are planning to write at least one short story per each person for a week, peer-edit with each other every once in the weekly meeting, and open up a workshop to help other students who struggle to write essays or any other kinds of writing in English grammatically and structurally.

The teacher who will be taking charge of my club is a foreign teacher who teaches AP Literature and English. He majored in English literature and has great knowledge in writing. He is going to help me and my club mates organize and develop our club, as well as submission and public activities such as workshops.

There are total four club mates that have signed up earlier for now, all in same grade with me. Altogether, we are looking forward to gather at least 9 to above members for this upcoming semester. My club will be the first English literary club in GVCS to support and encourage hidden writers and students who are planning to major in liberal arts. I hope that my club will be stable and prosper even after I graduate GVCS.


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