Writing with One Story Magazine

For these last few days from January 28th to February 1st, I participated in writing class that was hold by One Story magazine. In those five days, each of the editors taught us participants a writing technique and assigned a writing homework for us to practice every day. Such techniques and practices were very useful and beneficial for me to learn and use when I got to write my own stories: zigzag method, four layers of soil, mad libs story beginnings, crush factor, and stepping outside my own point of view. Although I didn’t share my work on the public board, as I practiced writing by myself, I felt my writing skills and understandings develop significantly.

The most interesting and helpful practice of all was the ‘crush factor’, which was to write about one of my crushes that I had in my life. First of all this practice encouraged me to look back at my past and be nostalgic for a moment, giggling and regretting while remembering the memories from the past. Also, this personal topic led me to be more focused when writing the story because it was about my own real history, and I was unconsciously being more serious and concentrating.

As I looked at the comments and works of other class members, they were mostly grown up adults who thought of writing as their favorite hobby. Their fundamental writing skills and thoughts were further more developed than mine, as they were ‘adults’ who have experienced a lot more things throughout their lives than I did. By acknowledging that fact, I also learned that writing requires author’s realistic experience at most times.

Overall, the writing class with One Story magazine surely helped me to find out my weaknesses in writing and also develop new writing skills that I would be able to use whenever I write my story in the future. I also learned some life lessons from unexpected factors: the club members and the writing topics. It was a great and valuable experience for me as a writer.


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