Every writer needs an audience. Entering writing contests is one of the best ways to gain an audience. It’s so satisfying when a writer receives a reward for his/her writing—whether it’s a special gift, a cash prize, or simply an opportunity to get published. Creative writers enter contests for various reasons.

First, contests provide boundaries. Writing contests offer strict limits in the form of subject matter, word count, and boundaries. Contest deadlines allow writers to develop, write and proofread their work with time to spare. Ordinarily, writing contests have some sort of word limit. The ability to whittle away extra verbiage in order to make each word count is an important skill for writers. Also, since most competitions ask for a particular kind of writing, writers get to fine-tune their skills.

Second, writing contests usually provide an audience. When you enter a contest, you will be writing for two audiences: intended and real. The real audience is people who will read your story while an intended audience is people your composition aim to address.

Third, writing contests improve writers’ confidence. You may not want to participate in writing contests because you don’t think you’re good enough to win. Try anyway—it’s an important learning experience. The more you write, the better your writing will become.





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