At times when you are up to writing a short creative story, you experience an overwhelming influx of ideas. This can make you feel lost and end up failing to craft a short story. Worry no more, today we will help you to frame your main conflict, make a proactive character, and create a satisfying finish

  1. Create a viable imaginative problem that will make your story interesting.
  2. Come up with a character that has the problem that you have created.
  3. Link the problem with character. At this point create a scenario that connects the character with the problem.
  4. Create an obstacle that prevents the character from solving this problem.
  5. Come up with a narration of several attempts in which the character tries to solve this problem.
  6. Come up with a very important turning point that gives the character a clever chance to solve the problem.
  7. Illustrate the events that happen after the character has come up with a clever way of solving the problem. This should provide an oppoertunityt for bringing the story to an end.




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