Do you know that you can make a living as a creative writer? If you want to make a living from creative writing, here are three ways to make some money:

Sell e-books

Creative writers can make money by writing books and selling them online. Industry watchers predict that by next year, e-book revenues will reach more than $8 billion per year. One of the easiest ways to sell e-books is to work through a third-party site like Amazon.

Become a speaker

If you write about social issues, you may get a gig as a speaker. A keynote speaker make about $500 to $3,000 per hour. Becoming a professional keynote speaker takes a few years. To build up you stage legs, give readings, teach small classes, and do small talks for free.

Host organized events or give readings

If you are a poet, you can earn money through your readings. During events, sell books in the back of the room. Depending on your rates and the size of your audience, you can earn a lot of dollars in a single night.



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