Last week I wrote an article about the daily routines of successful writers. My argument was that almost all people can do great things if they develop better daily routines. Today, I will look at some important characteristics of successful creative writers. In order to be a great writer, you need to have the following qualities:

Rich in vocabulary

No one enjoys reading the same words over and over again. By having a wide range of vocabulary, one avoids being repetitive. Writers who are rich in vocabulary always have words that perfectly fit into different situations.


A good writer should be able to communicate using simple and understandable language. Clarity enables effective communication and allow you to connect your readers with the characters in the story.

Keen to detail

Good writers should ensure they pay attention to what they are presenting and identify any grammatical errors that may be in their work.

Passion for reading

A good writer is one who can be able to read widely. Writers who read extensively understand bolts and nuts of writing (such as tone, syntax, framing, etc.)

Open to Changes

A good writer does not give a deaf ear to any suggestions that may come their way. Suggestions may inform and improve your work, making it more impressive to the reader. Being open-minded enables the writers to view their writing from a different angle and make it more appealing



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