Do you know how to create a good story? Today I will take you through the process of creating one. Before we begin, you should know what a story is.

To keep it simple, a story is what happens to a character.. For example, the following is a story of what is happening to a character I have just created:

Irene lives in London with her boyfriend. She has recently noticed that her boyfriend is cheating on her and she has decided to kill him and commit suicide. After all, life has become meaningless. To her, days no longer bring joy and laughter, but pain and suffering.

After knowing what a story is, you should know how to create a plot. A plot is how the story happens. It is a foundation of a story which the settings and characters are built around. A good plot must organize events and information in a logical manner. It should have clear motivation, a clear structure, an outcome and subplots.

To create good stories, you must exercise regularly. All people have ideas but only a few can turn them into stories. Therefore, exercising regularly help writers to get their stories started. Writers should think of the exercises as breakfasts that people take each morning before they go to work.



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