It is important to know all the genres of literature. Generally, there are two major categories that separate the different genres of literature: fiction and nonfiction. Today we will look at fiction genres.


Drama is a form of literature that is either verse or prose. Since drama is intended for performance, it is normally in dialogue-form. Generally, it is thought of as a narration about events in the characters’ lives.


This is a rhythmic and verse writing with imagery that can evoke emotional response from readers. Poetry art is rhythmical in composition, spoken or written. This genre is for exciting pleasure using imaginative, beautiful, or elevated thoughts.


Humor is the quality of being comic or amusing. It is a fiction that is full of excitement, fancy, and fun which is meant to entertain.


Fables are stories about extraordinary or supernatural people. They feature animals, plants, legendary creatures, or inanimate objects that are given human qualities.

Fairy Tales

Also known as wonder tales, fairy tales are a kind of fable or folktale. The stories are usually for children.

Short Story

This is a fiction of such brevity that cannot support any subplots.

Other genres of fiction include science fiction, realistic fiction, folklore, historical fiction, horror, a tall tale, legend, mystery, mythology, and fiction in verse.



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