Metaphors and similes can be used to offer striking images as well as convey ideas. They not only make writing interesting but also help writers think more about their subjects. Put simply, they are not just fanciful expressions; they are ways of thinking.

How do writers create similes and metaphors? They play with language and ideas. For example, a comparison like the following might appear in a draft of an essay:

Eunice was singing like an old cat.

If this draft is revised, more details might be added to the comparison to make it more interesting.

When Eunice sang, her voice was like a cat sliding down a chalkboard.

You should be alert to the ways in which other people use metaphors and similes in the work. Then, revise your essays to make your ideas clearer and your ideas more vivid by creating original metaphors and similes.

Similes and metaphors are like raisins in a cake. When used in the right amount, they add variation, interest, and surprise. However, if overdone, the readers may be distracted by them.



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