There are many online courses for writers (paid and free). A writer needs to distinguish between courses that give feedback on writing and ones that only include information. Both are helpful, but writers should sign up for what they need. Also, writers should be aware of the differences between courses that have teachers and those that just have video or audio lectures. Free online courses for creative writers are:
1. Scribble
Offered by Taylor’s University, Scribble is a free 14-week course that will teach you the value of writing. Although it is not creative-writing specific, it assists students to become good writers. You can use Scribble to learn about topic sentences, grammar, and research papers.
2. The Crafty Writer
The Crafty Writer is designed to help students transform their thoughts into words. Topics include understanding dialogue, point of view, and characters.
3. Write What You Know
Offered by Open University, Write What You Know course takes about 8 hours to complete. The course teaches students to draw upon their life experiences, to use all their sense to create a fictional world and to pay attention to small details.
4. Start Writing Fiction
Start Writing Fiction is a free 12 hours course that is offered by Open University. This course will defeat the doubtful demons that hide inside you by exploring numerous genres of fiction. The main purpose of this course is to help students to identify their weaknesses and strengths as fiction writers.


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