Pacing refers to how slowly or quickly the action of the story unfolds. In a story, the pacing is important because it helps the writer to keep the reader interested. It also helps to maintain a desired tone and atmosphere.
To get pacing in your story right, plan the rise and fall of your story’s plot and action. Outlining a story is important in pacing because one can see where there is eventfulness or concentrated action and where there is a break. Sometimes there may be too much action in one place and too long a lull. The reader should never say that a particular part dragged on forever or something happened too fast.
Thinking of your story pacing in structured units is also important. If you are writing a novel, think of it in terms of scenes or larger units. Sections of a novel have different pacing. For instance, the first act takes its time, as a writer want to lure in the readers.
Finally, to use pace correctly, you need to read the works of authors who have mastered the art of pacing. If you decide to learn story pacing from other authors, make notes. To master pacing, understand how the language elements affect the pace of a story.
Pacing in Writing


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