The stage is a magical area. The live audience and live actors make a closeness no other art can duplicate. The ancient Romans and Greeks believed the dramatic “poet” had the duty and power to ‘please and to teach’, a tradition that has lived on to this day.

Plays come in all sizes and shapes. Here are four common ones:

Ten-Minute Plays

In recent years, ten-minute plays have become popular. A ten-minute play should not be an extended gag of a sketch, but rather a complete play, with an introduction, middle, and end. Typically, it takes place in one scene and runs less than ten pages.

One-Act Plays

One-acts can run from fifteen minutes to about one hour. The play gets its name from having one act. The most popular length of this type of play is about a half-hour. A good one-act should focus on one main problem or action.

Full-Length Plays

Also known as evening-length plays, full-length plays are long plays. This type of play runs for about eighty minutes. While writing this play, you should have a very good reason for keeping your audience in the theatre for a long time.


Musicals run from ten minutes to three hours. It is not cost effective to get a band to play for only a few minutes.



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