How to Get More Creative When Writing Fiction


Any person can write fiction, but not everyone can write a good fiction. It takes lots of practice, determination and practice to learn how to write good fiction. To get you started, the following are three tips that will help you to improve your craft.

Begin with tension
It is common to hear instructors telling their students to start with action. This advice is flawed. If an action does not draw you to the main character or is not grounded in the context that is important to the story, it is not necessary. It’s better to begin with tension, like main character failing to get something she wants—can’t help her dying child, etc.

Know the needs of your character
Interesting stories have characters that are determined to get something. Harry Potter wants to beat Slytherin and Draco Malfoy in Quidditch. Romeo and Juliet want to live together. Writing fiction does not only require you to have fascinating characters but also characters with strong wants and desires.

Each chapter must end on a cliff
At the end of each chapter, readers must be left with unanswered questions. You need to create questions as you write. Fiction is built on the readers’ curiosity and writers must be creative. If a writer fails to spark the curiosity of the readers at the end of a chapter, they will not have the incentive to start reading the next chapter.



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