Although life is fantastic, it can also be busy, crappy, overwhelming and crazy at times. Sometimes we need an escape, and that is what good fiction gives us. We go to the movies for entertainment and escape. We read and write stories for the same reason.
Since time immemorial, humans have always enjoyed reading and listening to stories. Stories have been told around the campfire. The TV is one of a campfire, but there are some bad stories out there!
Giving people a break from craziness is valid. Entertaining people by creating a story from your mind is exciting. Isn’t it? We write fiction to challenge ourselves and to entertain ourselves and others. We read fiction to transport our mind to a new realm, who said there is no such thing as mind travel to another world? When you read my stories, we connect across space and time– it is a miracle.
We write fiction to give an emotional impact to our audience. We also write fiction to express our ideas and thoughts about various topics through what characters do and say. It is quite fascinating to use stories to explore topics like friendship, marriage, love, and sacrifice.


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