The characters in our essays, poems, songs, and stories embody our writing. Sometimes, characters speak for us, taking away the burden of theme, plot, idea, emotion, and mood. However, they do not exist until they are described on the page. If you want your readers to form a vivid impression of your characters, focus on:
Details that disclose characters’ psychologies and personalities
A character’s eye or hair color does not tell your readers much. When introducing a character, pay attention to details that reveal your character’s psychology and personality.
Unique character features
To describe characters convincingly, you must be able to show all the things that make them distinctive and unique. For instance, you may describe character’s voice as inflexible, dry, and dictatorial.
Characters’ gestures and body language
Showing character’s actions and gestures is an important part of describing a character vividly. A character’s gestures, body language, and movement can describe a lot about their psychological and personality state.
Writers who are well-known for their characterization
If you want to describe your characters vividly, look for strong character descriptions. Look for books written by authors who are famous for their characters. A good example of such author is Anton Chekhov.


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