Writing a great play is a subjective task rather than an objective one. There is no one formula on how to write a best. However, there are three things that one has to adhere to ensure his or her play is viable and appealing in the eyes of the targeted audience.
First, it is important to focus on the medium through which the play will be brought to life. In many cases, your medium is likely to be the theatre. With this in mind, write a play that can be performed in the theatre. To perfect this, visit a theatre close to where you reside. Study how plays are done, then picture how your play will fit in the theatre if it were to be performed at that moment.
Second, choose your characters well. Ensure that they are not more than six in number. This will ensure that your play is not a complicated. You will realize that some of the greatest plays do not have many characters. Using a few characters in a play helps to bring out the story clearly and makes the play interesting.
Last, choose a theme that focuses on human life. It could be love, betrayal, grief, amongst others. Build your story around the chosen theme or themes. However, as much as may want to use more than one theme to make your play interesting, remember that moderation is important. A play with many themes is boring.


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